photo of Chris

After leaving school at eighteen Chris joined the Royal Army Ordnance Corps hoping for an exciting career of adventure and world travel, as well as learning a useful trade at the same time. That wasn't to be, so after three years he left the Army disappointed and disillusioned.

His first job after returning to civilian life was in a commercial processing lab where he learned about processing and printing films and occasionally undertook photographic assignments.

After working in the lab for five years he took a positon at the local Technical College as an Audio Visual Technician. After a short while there, carrying out audiovisual work, he took the opportunity to make a sideways move to the local Art School where he spent about ten years of his life working as a Technician looking after the graphic and photographic needs of the Graphic Design Department.

When an opportunity to work for a company that produced educational CD ROMs presented itself, he left the Art School. He spent five years in this job programming the projects in Authorware and looking after the photographic and some of the graphics needs of the company. After being made redundant he was unemployed for about a year before he was able to secure a part-time post teaching Photoshop at the Art School where he had worked previously.

About six months later he applied and was accepted for a full-time position at a London University where he currently works as a Technician/Demonstrator helping to look after the Photographic and IT needs of the students and staff of the Digital Arts and Media Facility.

Alongside his working career, Chris has continued to pursue his interest in photography and computers in his free time, picking up new skills and experience in the process. You can see some examples of his photography in the Gallery section of this website.